«Borodino» is a poem of the famous Russian poet and writer Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov. Poem sanctified to the Borodino battle that was one of critical events of Patriotic war 1812 year and took place near the village of Borodino, on the Old Smolensk road, on approaches to Moscow, between the Russian troops and army of Europien Napoleon's coalition. Borodino - one of the largest battles of world history, rock defeat of Napoleon and beginning of wipeout of his «invincible» army.
The poem of «Borodino» was first published in 1837. Remembrances of Aleksey Athanasius Stolypin, veteran of Patriotic war, that was in family relationships with a poet, served with a plot basis of work.
The main idea of poem of «Borodino» was expressed by lines «Yes, there were people in our time, not that present tribe, Athletes are not you!» - simultaneously and appeal to equal on the glorious exploits of fathers and reproach to the contemporaries, the debauch myths of European liberalism.
Mikhail Lermontov is an extraordinarily talented and many-sided poet and writer, man of difficult fates. Served in the Russian Emperor's army, officer of household troops, took part in wars, that was conducted by Russia with Persia (Iran), Turkey and their vassals for control above Caucasus. In 26 years old - killed on a duel. Left in an inheritance to the descendants the richest creative heritage. Classic of Russian and world literature.
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